Saturday, August 29, 2009

110 Fwy view of Station Fire

110 Fwy view of Station Fire
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This is what the Station fire in La Canada Flintridge looks like to those traveling north on the 110 Freeway just south of downtown Los Angeles. The fire has consumed 7,000 acres thus far and is 0% contained as of this writing.

Friday, August 28, 2009

If the Smoke Doesn't Get You ...

Hello, gentle readers ...

A brief update from your friendly correspondent on the Hill. 

La Canada Flintridge, a mere stone's throw from us if you can heave stones three or so miles, has had an unwelcomed visitor in their backyard for the past few days.  A brush fire started on Wednesday and has developed into an official conflagration.  The side effects of this ongoing inferno, at least to us folks here in our neck of the glen, has been smoke and ash.  On top of that, we've had a couple days of triple digit temperatures, forcing us to say inside or occasionally take refuge in the cool embrace of our pool.  To pile on more kindling, as it were, our air conditioning system decided to take a siesta, thanks to its overheated compressor.  Who knew that running the A/C night and day for two days would cause such havoc?  Something tells me there's more behind the scenes, but I'm too damn hot to argue with the technician about it right now.

So, the mood in the Villa the moment:  hot and irritated.  My darling spouse has minor surgery in the morning as well, so she's not going to enjoy convalescing in tropical temperatures.  Who can blame her?  I'm getting overheated just writing this short blog post.

I'll leave you with a few fun photos from the Villa.  Please send rain.  Thanks.